4 - 6 Duckpool Road Newport

Peugeot 207 GTI


Another dreaded French car some people would say. This peugeot 207 GTI had an interesting fault. The customer complained that when the ignition was turned off the windscreen wipers would start going and you could no longer start the vehicle. 

Following normal protocol we put the car on our diagnostic machine and started to run fault diagnostics on all the modules in the car. In this case, as many others there was no fault information reported by any of the modules. Armed with pages of wiring diagrams we started to trace the circuits affected, this led us all the way back to the BSM module. In most cases with modern car electrics unlike older cars, most modern day vehicles use integrated computer modules to run the various systems on your vehicle that communicate on a large network. The BSM in this case had developed an internal fault causing the various systems to malfunction. 

We fitted a replacement unit and configured it to the vehicle. We then put the vehicle on test to make sure the fault was rectified. Once we were happy there were no further faults the car was returned to the customer.

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