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VW Touran Melted Wiring

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This is a job we have completed recently on a VW Touran. As auto electricians we see this time and time again. We cannot stress how important it is to have the correct fuses fitted. This cars wiring loom had melted due to an incorrect fuse being fitted for the circuit that runs the oil level sensor and the 12v supply to the instrument cluster. The result of this meant the wiring loom had melted and the car would not start without the instrument cluster being powered up. 

If a fuse is to blow on a vehicle, then it is as a result of a fault with the circuit in question. The fuses assigned to a circuit are so that the fuse blows rather than causing wiring to be damaged or melt, and to help to prevent any damage to computer equipment installed. We see time and time again bigger fuses added as a result of a fuse constantly blowing. This in turn, will not only run the risk of damaging equipment but as you can see in the pictures will also cause the damage of wiring, not to mention creating a serious risk of a fire developing. 

In the case of this job another important thing to mention is how important it is to refit the fuse box cover correctly. Failing to do so will allow water to find its way into the fuse box and cause further unwanted damage. The fuse box on this car is a standard one, but so many vehicles today use fuse box control modules that are rather expensive to replace if damaged by water.

The customer of this car was rather lucky. The fuse box was removed and took apart to dry out all the water. Once we were happy it was completely dry it was fitted back on the vehicle. We repaired the section of wiring loom that was damaged by tracing it all the way back to the components and re – wiring the damaged sections. It had shorted due to chaffing on the chassis. Once the repair was done the correct fuse was fitted and the vehicle was ready to be returned back to the customer. This is another prime example of how car electrics should be treated with respect or things can go dangerously wrong. Have a look at what happened to a Citroen C2 we repaired a while back 

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