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Audio Amplifier Installation To a 2015 Vauxhall Astra

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A customer of ours bought a brand new Vauxhall Astra fitted with the CD400 head unit. The customer wanted an amplifier with sub woofer fitter in the boot. The problem with doing this is that the head unit is not fitted with RCA out ports to run a sub. Not wanting to change the head unit the customer brought the vehicle to us. 

Fitting a sub woofer and amplifier to this type of head unit can be done, but does require some electrical wiring work to be done. In addition to this a high level converter needed to be installed to convert the speaker output to RCA ready to connect to the amplifier. We removed the factory fit stereo to gain access to the wiring at the back of the head unit. We then soldered the converter wires into the stereo out puts and connected them up to the RCA leads to run the amplifier. 

Once this was done the power wires were connected to the amplifier and the amp was set up correctly and put on sound test. Now the customer has that extra punchy kick from the sub without having to sacrifice the factory fit head unit.

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