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Volvo XC90 Radiator Fan Control Module Repair.



This is the Control module and motor for the cooling fan off a Volvo XC90. When the vehicle come to us for repair the rad fan would fail to cut in when the vehicle was reaching high temperatures at tick over. 

We plugged in our diagnostic computer to the engine management. It came back with a fault with the coherence for the rad fan motor. These units are rather expensive only being available from the main dealer at a cost of over £400 so we decided to open the unit up carefully and take a look at it. 

As you can see from the picture there is a control board a relay and numerous capacitors. We Identified a fault with the connections on the board and repaired them. The unit was then sealed back to together and fitted to the vehicle for test. 

Using our diagnostic computer we switch the fan request on to make sure the fan cut in. Finding everything working fine we put the vehicle back together and put in on test for a good while. By repairing this unit we saved the customer a huge amount of money on their final bill by not having to replace the control module. 

2 thoughts on “Volvo XC90 Radiator Fan Control Module Repair.”

  1. I have had the same problem with mine.  I took it apart and have the same burn marks at the corner of the circuit board.  Obviously a weak point in the design.  I was able to re-solder the board to get it going, but ultimately it failed again after 3 years.  This time with a failed mosfet.  I was unable to removed the circuit board without destroying it. Temic/Volvo's logic in placing the module on the back of fan motor is questionable.  MercedesBenz remotely locate the module on their version of the same fan.  I guess it's designed to fail at some point.

    1. Yes they only last a certain amount of time. 3 years is a good amount to get out of a repair though. The inevitable is always going to come at some point.

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