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Archive for Month: January 2016

VW Transporter Turbo Failure

     As you can see from the picture this turbo has seen better days. We don't only cover auto electrics but we also offer a full mechanical repair service. Having a good knowledge of a vehicles mechanical system compliments the repair of electrical faults on a modern day vehicle. […]

What Exactly Is Diagnostics?

  So What Does Auto Electrics and Diagnostics entail?  Many people get mistaken as to what is involved in diagnostics. Whether it be an engine fault, or a fault with another system on a vehicle, making the correct diagnosis is paramount to modern day vehicle repair. Many people are under the […]

The Dreaded DPF and Removal

    We know what most of you are thinking, the dreaded Diesel Particulate Filter. All modern day diesels will be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Its primary function in its simplest terms is to reduce the pollution output from your vehicle and make the exhaust gases cleaner […]