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VW Transporter Turbo Failure

VW Transporter Turbo Failure   VW Transporter Turbo Failure


As you can see from the picture this turbo has seen better days. We don't only cover auto electrics but we also offer a full mechanical repair service. Having a good knowledge of a vehicles mechanical system compliments the repair of electrical faults on a modern day vehicle. There are many faults that appear electrical but are caused by a mechanical problem making it appear an electrical fault.

This vehicle, as you can probably imagine had no power and was bellowing out black smoke. The first thing we always do is plug the vehicle onto our diagnostic machine to see what information is stored within the engine control module. This vehicle was showing low boost pressure which led us to check the turbo. It was pretty evident that it had failed by the condition we found it in. The only option now was to change the turbo for a new unit. We checked the oil feeds to the turbo just to make sure it wasn't oil starvation to the turbo causing failure. In this case it was high mileage that caused the failure. We supplied and fitted a new turbo being sure to pre fill it with oil before running the engine. We changed the oil and filter and then test drove the vehicle to make sure there were not further faults. Once we were happy everything was ok the van was returned back to the customer.


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