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Renault Clio UPC Module Failure

     Renault Clip UPC 3   Renault Clio UPC 4 


Headlight failure due to another melted computer. Pretty much gone are the days when lighting was simply controlled by switches, wires and relays. Most cars Like this 2006 Renault Clio have a computer that is repsonsible for controlling the body functions, including lighting.

Auto electrics is becoming more and more sophisticated on modern day vehicles as technology advances. And more computers are used to control even the most basic functions. A lot of people would argue that there was nothing wrong with how the electrics on cars used to work. But to create new ideas and incorporate more gimmicks in the modern day car requires the use of more technology and computers to make it happen.

The computer you can see in the pictures in mounted in the engine bay and suffered damage due to water ingress. This in turn caused the module to melt around the headlight relay mounted on the top. We fitted a new UPC module and modified covers. The wiring plugs were cleaned and the vehicle was put on a lengthy test to make sure there were no further faults due to the water damaged that had occurred.

Once we were happy everything was ok the car was returned back to the customer.

2 thoughts on “Renault Clio UPC Module Failure”

  1. Hi. This very fault has occurred to my wife's 09 Clio. Headlights stick on. I've removed the relay and found the fusebox plastics damaged. We are in Blaenavon. What would be the cost in repairing the fault?

    1. Hi usually it means a replacement UPC module. We would need details of the car to get you a price. If you want to send the details over privately just drop us an e mail.


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