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Car Stereo Install In a Toyota Lucida

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In addition to performing car electrical repairs we do a lot of car electrical installations. As auto electricians we are constantly fault finding on vehicles, and its nice to break up the day doing a few car audio installations. This customer had initially been somewhere else to try and get their car stereo installed but with the mass of wires behind the dash it was referred to us.

Although this car was bought with a double din sat nav unit already installed, it was in the wrong language and not in the best of condition, so the customer decided to have a new double din Pioneer head unit installed.

As you can see after we removed the factory fit head unit there was a mass of wires behind the dash that needed to be sorted out in order to fit the new stereo. We converted the wiring to standard ISO connectors soldering in 2 new wiring harness plugs. Once we had got to this stage the rest was quite easy. The stereo unit was mounted on the original brackets and once the dash panels were re-installed the stereo sat flush with the dash trim for a nice finish.


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