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Suzuki Grand Vitara Underpowered and Smoking

Suzuki Grand Vitara Underpowered and Smoking1


Suzuki Grand Vitara Underpowered and Smoking3



These Peugeot diesel engines get everywhere, above is another example. This Suzuki Grand Vitara has the 2.0 HDI Peugeot/Citroen engine in it, and it has a few problems. Car electrical repairs play a very big part in many of todays faults but sometimes things that seem electrical are not always. This is why it is a good idea to have knowledge of both aspects of vehicle repair to be able to tackle any fault we are presented with. This person was told to take the car to an auto electricians but in acutal fact this did not turn out to be an electrical fault.

The above in with us recently was suffering from lack of power and was black smoking, which suggests its running rich. We always start with a computer diagnostic to get the ball rolling and try to retrieve present or historical data that may aid us in the accurate diagnosis of the fault. This vehicle had no fault codes present so it was going to be a manual task of going through all the sections associated with the fault. We tested all the electrical components and wiring but there were no faults found. After much searching and going through all the possible scenarios we could come up with we finally narrow the cause down to one thing. A fault with the intake flap was causing the engine to be starved of boost causing power loss. This also caused the black smoking fault due to a lack of air getting into the engine causing the fuel to burn rich and generate excessive black smoke.

Another part was fitted and all was good. Another happy customer on their way with a much better running car.

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