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Batteries Starting and Charging


As the technology in vehicles advances and the demand on the batteries and alternator increases you want everything to be working on point.

Modern vehicles now use smart charge alternators that often throw a lot of people during the diagnostic process. We deal with these faults on a daily basis and have the knowledge and equipment to test your vehicles charging system effectively.

Does your vehicle go flat over night? You may have a power drain causing your battery to run flat. We can trace this type of fault just give us a call.


Batteries and Starters

The correct battery is a must for the reliability and starting of your vehicle. With all the computers and electrical equipment in a modern day vehicle the demand under cranking is very high. We stock a variety of batteries ready to fit. We are also able to test your battery correctly before we change it. This prevents unnecessary replacement of a battery at a cost to you.

Do you have a starting fault?

We have a range of starter motors and alternators available to fit direct to your vehicle. We can also recondition your old unit getting you back on the road promptly.



We test smart charging systems as well as standard charging systems.
If you need your battery tested or you have an annoying power drain on your vehicle then give us a call today 01633 251914