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Tracker Installations

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ScorpionTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking & Recovery










With over 370,000 vehicles on average stolen in the UK each year it has never been a better time to consider getting a tracker installed on your vehicle.

Scorpion Track actively protects your vehicle using advanced GPS location technology along with movement detection sensors hidden within the vehicle. If any illegal movement of your vehicle is detected then Scorpion Track will discreetly contact scorpions control centre with information of possible theft of your vehicle.

In addition to this Scorpion Track is able to provide information on speed, direction, battery condition and location details which in the event of a theft will be communicated to the police control room. Subject to environmental variables the location information of your vehicle will be accurate to within 10 metres.

Built and tested to the highest levels and Thatcham approval to the greatest standard. Scorpion Track has been subject to the rigorous testing and has been approved by Thatcham with a category 5 approval rating. This will cater for any insurance company TQA tracking requirements.


Enhanced Protection

With current immobiliser systems getting more advanced key theft is becoming a bigger problem than every. Thieves are now targeting the owner or property to get their hands on your keys. Scorpion Track 5 is there to protect your vehicle when it is most vulnerable.

The system uses advanced GPS to provide vehicle location information. It is also enhanced with the facility to remotely prevent the vehicle from being driven, while alerting the control centre in the event that your vehicle has been taken after a key theft.

The unit is complemented by two black rechargeable recognition cards. These are discreet and should your vehicle be moved without one of these cards being present the Scorpion Track 5 will send an alert to the control centre who will contact you immediately to see whether or not a theft has taken place. In the event a theft has occurred then the vehicle can be shut down remotely.

In addition to all this, Scorpion Track 5 also has the web location by demand feature via your mobile, pc or tablet with no need to download any apps. Just log in and navigate your personal log. The website is optimised for use via mobile phones and tablets.