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Thatcham Approved Security Alarm Install

       We believe keeping your car safe is of paramount importance. This is one of our recent vehicles in to have a thatcham approved security system installed. This lotus Excel is too old to be protected by a modern factory alarm and immobiliser, so what better way to keep […]

Speedometer Fault and Instrument Cluster Repair

      The customer of Volkswagen Polo recently visited us with a speedometer fault. It had been looked at by another garage but they told the customer to bring it to an auto electrician.  To start with we put the car on our diagnostic machine to extract as much […]

Ford Fiesta, Why You Should Be Careful Jump Starting Vehicles.

         This is a 2008 Ford Fiesta that had been recovered to us as it would not start. We initially noticed that the immobiliser light was illuminated and would not go off, but there was more to the story. Initially the car had a fault with the […]

Volvo XC90 Radiator Fan Control Module Repair.

    This is the Control module and motor for the cooling fan off a Volvo XC90. When the vehicle come to us for repair the rad fan would fail to cut in when the vehicle was reaching high temperatures at tick over.  We plugged in our diagnostic computer to […]

Audio Amplifier Installation To a 2015 Vauxhall Astra

       A customer of ours bought a brand new Vauxhall Astra fitted with the CD400 head unit. The customer wanted an amplifier with sub woofer fitter in the boot. The problem with doing this is that the head unit is not fitted with RCA out ports to run […]

VW Touran Melted Wiring

                                      This is a job we have completed recently on a VW Touran. As auto electricians we see this time and time again. We cannot stress how important it is to have the correct fuses fitted. This cars wiring loom had melted […]

Starting fault with a Fiat Sedichi

      Intermittent electrical faults on cars can be very tedious and difficult to find on occasions. We recently has this Fiat Sedichi in with an intermittent starting fault. On occasion it would be extremely difficult to start. This model was a diesel and the first thing people tend […]

Peugeot 207 GTI

  Another dreaded French car some people would say. This peugeot 207 GTI had an interesting fault. The customer complained that when the ignition was turned off the windscreen wipers would start going and you could no longer start the vehicle.  Following normal protocol we put the car on our […]

Central Convenience Module On A Volkswagen Polo

                        Working on modern car electrics is something you have to be very careful with. As an auto electricians we thought we had seen most things electrical with cars. This vehicle took us by surprise quite a bit. A […]

Citroen C2 Engine Bay Fusebox Module Fire

                    Body control modules on modern day vehicles often get mistaken for just being a fusebox. They are so much more than a fusebox, they are a computer and many of them have a built in diagnostic capability.  This is the […]